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Radiator application notes

Floating dust in the air and the heat radiator are connected, the greater the more dust, heat, smoke more quickly. How to use the radiator? Grasp the method and use it scientifically. Diligent cleaning, but avoid the kingly way, the shelf in the heating device before blackened walls. In order to avoid, can have a shelf above the radiator, the heat radiation block to the shelf, hot air upward to the shelf is lax, dust will not focus on blackened walls. The shelf placed flowers, plants or small decorations, but also play the effect of the decoration. Think or do not want to trouble the shelf device for punching walls of consumers, can use a towel or cloth covered in copper and aluminum composite radiator, can be cleaned regularly. How to use the radiator? The key is to clean the radiator and the surrounding wall regularly. Therefore, consumers in the air dry and use heating winter, must be diligent in cleaning. Take time every month cleaning time, can effectively avoid the walls were blackened.
The radiator blackened walls, is a normal thermal radiation image. Good protective measures also can hardly be avoided not blackened. The heat flow of the heating occurs because of the upward movement and the movement of dust in the surrounding air, resulting in a large amount of dust adhering to the part of the wall, and the wall surface is even darker. If the use of heating for one or two years, can be erased by rag walls blackened at half dry. If the time is too long, with a wet cloth is also difficult to erase, can be finished after heating, rub with sandpaper, scrape off the black surface, and then paint repair.


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