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Deep reshuffle, LED industry will be reconstructed

Over the years, LED in China has been mixed with wind and water, and induced a batch of "gold rush""! Only this "gold" is really not so good Amoy, in recent years, on foot, bankruptcy, the collapse of the...... Look up! In the entire mall a The atmosphere was foul! Now, with LED skills becoming more sophisticated, a new wave of "gold rush" will begin again. Next, we will take stock of the next five best-selling LED products.
LED bulb lamp
The LED bulb is a new type of energy saving lamp instead of the traditional incandescent bulb. The traditional incandescent lamp (lamp) of high energy consumption, short service life, in the global resource environment, has been gradually by governments to stop production, immediately replace goods electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic energy-saving lamps despite the improved energy-saving effect, but because of heavy metals by many environmental pollution, trend against environmental protection the. With the rapid development of LED skills, LED lighting gradually OFweek semiconductor lighting network into a new green lighting alternative. LED is far superior to traditional lighting products in light emitting principle, energy saving and environmental protection.
Easy to use
The incandescent lamp and electronic energy-saving lamps in the normal use of everyone still occupies a very high share, in order to reduce the waste, LED lighting manufacturers must be developed to fit the existing interface and we use LED lighting commercial habits, so we replace the original traditionallamp base and line in the case could not demand the use of LED lighting products a new generation of. So the LED bulb came into being. LED bulb adopts the existing interface method, that is, screw, socket (E26E27E14B22, etc.), and even in order to fit everyone's habits, the shape of the incandescent bulb is modeled. According to the principle of LED unidirectional lighting, planners have made changes in the structure of lamps, so that the LED bulb's light distribution curve is basically the same as the point light source of incandescent lamps. According to the luminescence properties of LED, structure of LED bulb relative to the incandescent lamp as the light source, clutter, simply drive circuit and the radiating device, some of these together to create low energy consumption, long life, high luminous efficiency and environmental protection LED bulb goods. So, LED lighting products at that time, it is still high technical content of high-tech lighting products.
LED fluorescent lamp
LED fluorescent lamp, 24WLED fluorescent lamp is brighter than the traditional 64W fluorescent lamp, and the brightness of LED fluorescent lamp is especially soft, which makes it easier for you to accept. The CREE, as a semiconductor wafer chip light emitting materials, a radiating material, then add high-quality shell cooling and secure professional power supply, to protect the internal core wire, lamp fluorescent lamp and almost usually shape, usually can replace fluorescent lamp lamp.
The service life is more than 50 thousand hours, the power supply voltage is AC85V-265V (Communication), and no starter and ballast are needed. The utility model has the advantages of fast starting, small power, no stroboscopic, and not easy fatigue. It is not only super energy-saving, but also more environmentally friendly. Is one of the national green energy saving LED lighting shopping center project development.
Easy to use
LED fluorescent lamp device comparison is simple, it is divided into two kinds of internal and external power supply, LED fluorescent lamp power OFweek semiconductor lighting network built when the original fluorescent lamp will be removed and replaced by LED fluorescent lamp and ballast and starter removed, let 220V communication power directly to the LED light ends can be. LED fluorescent lamps with external power supply are usually equipped with special lamp holders, which can be used instead of the original ones.
Contrast with tradition
LED fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp compared to save electricity up to more than 80%, life expectancy is usually more than 10 times the lamp, is almost free, there is no need to replace the lamp, ballast, often qihuiqi questions about a year down the cost savings to exchange costs. A semiconductor light source, green light and soft, pure spectrum, is conducive to worker protection and eye health, 6000K cold light source gives cool visual feeling, help to concentrate on improving power.
LED flat panel lamp
LED flat light can create a beautiful, gorgeous lighting environment, to contrast the role of the scene, so that people feel the scene of the air. Lighting method satisfied the energy demand, make people feel exotic; and lighting is static, it only emphasizes the needs of the scene illumination, and cannot express the mood of the people, from a certain meaning, mood lighting lighting covers the situation. Emotional lighting includes four aspects: first, environmental protection and energy saving; two is good health; three is intelligence; four is humanization.
LED street lamp
Road lighting is an important component of urban lighting. Some of the traditional street lamps are often used. The high pressure sodium lamp is 360 degrees light emitting, which causes great waste of power. At that time, the global environment became worse and worse, and all countries were developing cleaning power. With the rapid growth of the national economy, the contradiction between power supply and demand in China has become increasingly prominent, and there is a severe shortage of power supply. Energy conservation is an urgent need to solve the problem. Therefore, the development of new, efficient, energy-saving, long life, high color rendering index and environmental protection LED street lamp is of great significance to the energy saving of urban lighting.
Road lighting and all production date is closely related with China city to speed up the process, LED lamp with directional light, power consumption is low, good drive performance, fast response, seismic can be high and long service life, environmental protection and other advantages gradually into everyone's vision, has become a new generation of energy-saving light source, instead of advantage the traditional light source in the world and the best selection of LED lights will become energy-saving lighting.

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