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Yihua aluminum reminds you that some of the measures yield progress of kneading aluminum

1) quality inspection: machine quality inspection to adopt fast, accurate and relentless inspection method, the so-called "fast" is diligent inspection timely; "quasi" is to understand the national norms, internal control norms, different customers and different surface treatment standard, when necessary to do the corresponding sample surface treatment experiment, can never show false positives and overruns in special circumstances that appearance inspection not to immediately report to the relevant responsible person; "ruthless" is the attitude and implementation of performance standards authority.
2) monitor: do not pull the wrong kneading mold, not the wrong card to do active stalking, quality first inspection and inspection process inspection.
3) the host operator (generation monitor): active cooperation monitor work, verification of each mold, good temperature control in three, according to different types of layout and appearance as a good grasp of the material handling sensitive velocity, check out material quality, as the wall thickness, forming, punching collapse drag rotten and or internal drag, accurate accounting is not the same type of standard profile sawing into semi-finished products after the head is not long enough.
4) to suspend work: a post to suspend work is also very important, quality problems found should be the first time the monitor or monitor told, each mold should check out on the outlet of the lifting bracket and convex block of graphite and high temperature rolling is intact, because they will directly affect the forming of material the timely open fan, check the conveyor belt transport process is not stable and useful. If it is found that the profile has foam, oil bubbles, washed, broken and dragged, it should be marked on the profiles to prevent the flow into the next process.
5) straightening work (material, cutting to length, frame work):
Each material to view all appearance quality in the straight, can not let the profiles of cooling bed heap too much, to prevent rub bumps, plug to prevent the hollow profile suitable for broken excessive deformation. If there is installation contact, take this batch of order, take the corresponding surface disposal type of template shall be accurate, in order to control the straightening rate.
Material, pay attention to different surface treatment material with mixture method is not the same, blank, sandblasting oxidation material, oxidation electrophoresis light cloth as non face or non face decoration decoration and non loaded face, adhere to the branch and branch of the distance between sections to prevent rubbing and bumping, surface decoration scraping, stroke, injury.
Fixed length cutting before thinking remnants waste is not enough, if found a material or batch not long time to tell immediately suspend or boot, after sawing should carefully check the section end is not deformation, such as cutting deformation can properly slow sawing speed nearly.
Insulation material (order specified bending twisting according to customer demand strict inspection, did not specify in the order according to the high-precision inspection) frame is necessary before each branch material channel after passing to framed, with more complex shapes by a simple profile after crushed to each layer of flat tube separated by high temperature. The distance to the surface quality of single felt the need for strict goods, a necessary neatly placed.

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