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What exactly is the LED desk lamp?

LED goods desk lamp chooses LED as the light source. The lamp is penetrating and stereoscopic, and can carry out close light projection to the jewelry, improve the jewelry level and display the value of jewelry.
Notes on LED jewelry lamps
1, can not be stressed.
2, do not damage the connection line on the circuit board during the connection.
3. Place the goods on the floor to avoid scratches or damage to the exterior.
4, please pay attention to the power standard when the goods are powered on. You need to connect the kitchen cabinet lamp in strict accordance with the positive and negative voltage, so as to avoid damage to the cabinet lamp.
5, a large number of cabinet lights, please ensure that the parallel cupboard lamp with the power supply, if the series is too long, will cause the pressure drop is not balanced on both sides of the cabinet before and after the lamp brightness is not the same, that does not exceed 4 meters for a series unit, please ensure that the maximum power of each road is within the maximum power adapter.
6 when a device is mounted on a metal or other conductive surface, an electrical isolation layer must be provided to make the device surface insulated from the lamp.
7, in the installation of kitchen cabinets lamp, should pay attention to the appearance of electrostatic protection.
8, because the cabinet light is bright aluminum alloy, so please ensure that the goods in a normal operating environment.
9, replacement and repair must be cut off after the power supply, in case the short circuit, after the problem should be accurately installed back to all parts, to ensure that electrical and structural compliance with demand.
10, this commodity is not waterproof goods, must not field exposure, rain use, lamps and lanterns in the device should be reinforced.
11, environmental needs:
The operating temperature is -20 to +40 centigrade
Storage temperature -30 ~ +60 DEG C, operation humidity 30% ~ 85%, storage humidity 10% ~ 90%
Storage environment, indoor ventilation, there should be no corrosive gas in the air
How can I choose the color of the desk lamp?
Cargo lamp strip into LED soft light and LED light bar, now commonly used is basically a LED soft decoration, to facilitate the transformation and removal of cargo units, usually the goods according to the table showing the goods and LED light color echoes to the role of propaganda and selection.
LED light color with the temperature rises to a certain extent by color reddish - Orange - red start - white - blue, gradually changing.
The color temperature is below 3300K, the color light is red, and the warm feeling is given. There is a careful atmosphere and warm feeling. The utility model can be used for lighting gold, jade and colored gemstone lamps.
The temperature at 3000--6000K, visual effect in mind without significant extra tone, have a straightforward feeling; it is known as the "neutral" color. It can be used for silver, white jade, amber, clothing, leather goods and other counter lighting.
The color temperature exceeds 6000K, and the color is blue. It gives people a cool feeling, generally called cool color temperature. Applicable to diamond, crystal, watches and other counter lighting.
According to the selection of goods of different color temperature, in order to reach the role of light bar color, more prominent products. Therefore, in the selection of table lamps, be careful.

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