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Do you know what shell materials are available in LED fluorescent tubes?

The most visible in the market are semi aluminum plus plastic covers. Except for the most commonly used shells, they now have full glass housings and full plastic housing. What are their features?
LED life is mainly related to the temperature, the temperature is high the number of shorter. LED light will heat, if the heat is not dispersed in time it will make LED the sharp rise in temperature, the higher the temperature LED attenuation is greater, life is short. So, to ensure the longevity of LED, it is necessary to clear up the heat of the LED.
The aluminum shell has the outstanding heat dissipation function, can disperse the LED heat in time, the LED temperature will not be too high, guaranteed the LED longevity number. But aluminum is conductive, the power is placed in the aluminum shell, which requires the power supply is barrier type power supply, or a power barrier planning, to prevent the shell electrification. But there are many low-end aluminum shell fluorescent tube, the power supply of non barrier power supply or IC high voltage drive power or resistance to drop voltage power supply, very can make the shell live, this has electric shock hidden danger.
The glass shell has the insulation property, can prevent the electric shock hidden danger, and the heat dissipation performance of the glass can also be satisfied, and the heat dissipation demand of the LED can be satisfied. The glass production process of traditional energy-saving lamps can be used to produce glass shell with low cost in large quantities. But glass is fragile and inconvenient to transport.
The whole plastic shell has the same insulation property, and can prevent the electric shock from being hidden, and meanwhile, the glass shell is not easy to be questioned. The LED fluorescent lamp is used most of the plastic shell, later found that the plastic dissipation function is poor, the lamp life is short, the shell is planning to semi plastic or aluminum aluminum half half we mentioned above with plastic shell. Follow this several years of rapid development of LED skills, the heat resistant function of LED is more and more strong, the plastic shell can also ensure that the LED of life.

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