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LED light bar to buy five points for attention

Whether LED soft light is LED light bar, has the same commodity characteristics: selection of low voltage DC12V or DC24V power supply, security is very high, the normal use of life up to 30000 hours, can work normally in the environment temperature of -30 DEG +60 DEG C, and according to Zhao Minghuan white, do not choose exit warm white, cool white (custom color), red, yellow, green, blue and other different colors, can also choose the same color as: warm white color temperature (2700-3500k) suitable for gold lighting; natural white light (4200-5500K), jade, jade and gem appropriate lighting; white diamonds, platinum (6500-7500K) suitable for display lighting etc..
LED light bar is divided into two kinds, namely LED soft light strip and LED hard light strip.
LED soft light bar commodity long life, and low energy consumption, choose FPC do assembly line board, with patch LED assembly, so that the thickness of the product is only a coin thickness, not space. LED soft light products are flexible and flexible, especially convenient for corners, blind corners, decoration, such as round / irregular plan decoration, lamp with reverse side, imported 3M double sided adhesive tape, sleeve series with lock fastener, convenient installation. Moreover, the utility model can be cut arbitrarily, and the utility model can also extend freely, and the luminous effect is not affected
LED light bar is for assembling the circuit board PCB board, led and useful plug-ins of the patch, but the patch is most often used, depending on the needs of different choice of different beads. The strengths of LED light bar is in contrast to the simple fixed, processing and installation are convenient, V shaped aluminum tank base, with high brightness, adjustable luminous point of view, according to the actual demand for the use of custom length and other strengths, defect is not tortuous, inappropriate irregular local.
LED lights sold on the market are usually mixed soft and hard, and the quotation is also different. How do you choose the LED light strip? The following points need attention:
1. package: look is resin package is still silicone package. Resin packaging because of poor heat dissipation, so relatively cheap, in addition, there is no difference between the two.
2.: high quality weld seam of LED lights is the use of solder paste and reflow soldering skills (a very important surface mount skills), so will be very clear, arc welding seam is slight, can be useful to avoid PCB pad falling.
3. color consistency: some small manufacturers have no spectrophotometer, and their production of LED lamps are not up to the standard, because there is no light color can not be announced by LED soft light bright.
4. circuit board: LED soft light strip has two kinds of circuit boards, divided into copper and rolled copper. The copper foil on the copper clad wiring plate is protruding and you can observe the connection between the pad and the EPC. The solder pad of the copper clad wire will fall off when it is tortuous or at high temperature. Connect with EPC more tight rolling copper circuit board, can bend freely, can not appear fall phenomenon.
5. cleanliness: the LED light strip with an appearance mount skill is clean, free of stains or other impurities. There are a lot of stains on the surface of the welding goods. No matter how they are cleaned, they are useless.

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