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Radiator selection standard

The top, look at the radiator of raw materials, to know the radiator heating measures a cell, and then based on the water quality characteristics of radiator heating methods and raw material procurement decision what, then buy a home from the right to the radiator.
Second, the quality of the radiator, the radiator is not just to buy quality judging from the appearance, although the radiator surface quality good about flat, there will not be stacked, fold appearance, meets the best survey under its internal is not the same Oh, listen to the sound of knock off the radiator pipe may also be able to distinguish between the quality of the symbol of quality. And the radiator is very complete, the label will detailed labelling of components and heat dissipation, accept pressure, heating area and so on, at the time of purchase should pay special attention to check.
Third, customer service service guarantee, we will choose the radiator household to choose good reputation, sale, customer service equipment, service integration radiator goods, outstanding customer service service is always important, outstanding customer service service we can handle in the future in the use of the menace from the rear.
Fourth, look at the device is not professional, in the selection of high quality satisfactory radiator, must not ignore the radiator device this link. The radiator must be approached by a professional. The radiator will usually device along the walls of the window, from the ground more than 100 mm, with 30 mm from the opposite wall, the radiator and the wall space to promote gas and heat insulation. The radiator will as far as possible with the necessary time, a heating cover, used to cover no significant influence on heat dissipation, which can guarantee the radiation effect of the radiator at best.

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